Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blog: Almost Static

So, I lost weight and maintained that loss for awhile, what with the yummy smoothies, healthier eating, and regular exercise. It was great and I was feeling fabulous.

It isn't that I'm not feeling fabulous now; but it's a just little iffy.

Schedules got a little messed up, I lost yoga and hula-hoop time. I let the diet slip. I reignited an addiction to sugar. Chocolate. Diet soda.

And, I developed carpal-tunnel problems. A billion years of secretarial work have finally caught up with me. I can't do a proper Sun-Salutation anymore because I can't bear the weight on my wrist.

Of course, all along, I've had some other issues. I don't know, have I complained to you about my fibromyalgia lately?

It's not the fibro that's a problem so much as the spondylolesthesis in my L-1 and the arthritic degeneration in my right hip.

The exercise - especially yoga - and weight loss were calculated to make it easier to live with these problems. Combined with some medication, it's been pretty good.

Pretty good, but not great.

I haven't been able to hike for years. I'm jealous of all those 65 - 85 year olds I know who make hiking the Superstition Mountains look like strolling down the lane.

It's all catching up with me. This Spoonie life. This aging process.

I began to gain back some of the weight. 

I'm going to have to have surgery on my hip. A new hip, in fact. Just like an old lady, right?

I've begun forcing myself to take the stairs when I'm on shift at the hospital where I'm doing my chaplaincy internship. I'm equally forcing myself to recognize when enough is enough and the elevator is a better choice.

I'm starting to figure out which yoga poses I am able to do and to find times to sneak them in between my over-scheduled times.

I got one of those padded mouse pads and a wrist rest at work and have been trying to wear a wrist brace when I drive to nip that carpal tunnel in the bud. 

I'm off the candy and diet soda now, and am reintroducing good, green food into my diet. Not that I stopped eating good, green food. I just ate a whole lot of other stuff for awhile there, too.

I'm back to salads and smoothies.

Someday, I'll be back to real exercise, too.

After the new hip.

In the meantime, I am almost static.

But not completely.

I will never allow myself to reach the weight I was at my heaviest. My most unhealthy.

I may not be a rolling stone, but neither will I be gathering any moss.

Unless it tastes good in a salad.

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